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The general issue of control and management of hazardous waste has been under consideration in the Hon’ble Supreme Court in writ petition no. 657 of year 1995 between Research Foundation for Science Technology National Resource Policy and Union of India and others. The various State Governments/Central Ministries were affected in this case and Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) was the nodal Ministry.

2 During the course of deliberation, the Hon’ble Supreme Court issued the various orders, the first important order being on 14 th October, 2003. In pursuance of the Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 14 th October, 2003, and at the request of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Ministry of Steel set up an Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) vide order dated 12 -01-2004 followed by an addendum order dated 20-4-2004 under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary and FA with members of Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF), Ministry of Labour, Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), Central Pollution Control Board, Indian Steel Scrap and Ship breakers Association of India (ISSSAI), Mumbai Port Trust, Kolkata Port Trust etc. for the implementation of Supreme Court Orders and other related functions.

3 So far, IMC has held seventeen meetings on 5-2-2004 (PDF File) Opens in a new window, 11-6-2004, 19-1-2005, 28-6-2005, 1-02-2006, 21-9-2006, 17-1-2007 & 9-8-2007 (PDF File) Opens in a new window, 28-2-2008, 4-2-2009, 5-10-2009, 17-09-2010 (PDF File) Opens in a new window, 08-07-2011 (PDF File) Opens in a new window ,28-02-2012 (PDF File) Opens in a new window , 18-10-2012 (PDF File) Opens in a new window, 01-10-2013 (PDF File) Opens in a new window & 24-06-2014 (PDF File) Opens in a new window; coopted members of other organizations; discussed various issues pertaining to ship breaking industries and issued a large number of directions in line with the Hon’ble Supreme Court Orders.

4. The Supreme Court judgement dated 6-9-07 mentions that Supreme Court vide its order dated 17-2-06 directed to set up a Committee of Technical Experts on ship-breaking. MOEF set up a Committee on 24-3-06 to be headed by the Secy, MOEF and experts from various other Organizations. The Committee made various recommendations indicating the elaborate procedure of ship-breaking which have been accepted by the Supreme Court vide its judgement dated 6-9-07. The Supreme Court vide its judgement dated 6-9-07 has stated that the Government of India shall formulate a comprehensive Code incorporating the recommendations and the same has to be operative until the concerned status are amended to be made in line with the recommendations. Until the Code comes into play, the recommendations shall be operative by virtue of the judgement dated 6-9-07. Ministry of Steel has also finalises the Shipbreaking Code.

Click here to view the Shipbraking Code (PDF File) Opens in a new window

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